Tornado and hurricane

Tornado and hurricane
We recommend early evacuations as the first defense against hurricanes. In case of tornadoes or inescapable hurricanes this section provides materials to prepare for riding out the storms.This option is prepared as the last resort in the event of a direct hit and imminent destruction. First be prepared to treat shelter with fire retardant. Apply class A fire retardant treatment to a home-built shelter made of fiberglass and treated wood or a chest freezer or a 25 ft3 refrigerator. Once your freezer is fire retardant treated it can withstand a home fire and the insulation will suffice to protect 3 persons per freezer. Seal the freezer door completely to avoid toxic gas or water flooding using duck tape. A portable Oxygen generator will supply enough O2 to wait out until the major destructive force is over. If your home is flooded your dry snorkel with extended tubing will temporarily allow under water breathing. Faraday submersible flash light will help to guide escape path.

Dorcas Dr.Oxygen Portable Generator
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Sale price: $255.00
ChatNow Communicators Two-Pack - Flip
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Digital Wristwatch and 2-Way Radio (2-Pack)
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AC/DC Portable Power Supply w 450Amp Jump-Starter
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Casio SY-30  Rugged Water-Resistant 2.7" handheld
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A R C T I C A I R Chest Freezer 20 cubic feet - model 20 CF
Regular price: $1,057.00
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Class A FX-100 fire retardant coating - 1 gallon
Sahara 100% Dry Snorkel - SK301
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NEW AMICO 2000/2500 Watt 5.5HP 120V/240V Generator
New -1000 Watt Portable Gasoline Generator
Coghlan's Emergency Drinking Water Germicidal Tablets
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Blanket Bag
Emergency Thermal Radiative Blanket
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Emergency Car/Boat Surviving Kit
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Emergency Rechargeable MultiAlarm