Tyco R/C AirBlade Hovercraft 49MHZ

Tyco R/C AirBlade Hovercraft 49MHZ
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Product Description

For those remote control vehicle buffs who have grown weary of cars and airplanes, the Air Blade hovercraft is sure to liven things up! This amazing vehicle has the unique ability to float on air and make contact with the ground in order to produce high speeds and tight turns. When air is drawn into the top grille of the vehicle, it becomes pressurized and is then directed out the three bottom air pods. The hovercraft actually floats along the ground on a cushion of air. Players pilot the craft by moving the controls on the transmitter so that the two rear air pods tilt, rotate, and touch the ground. The hovercraft works equally well on (or over) land, snow, or water, as long as the "terrain" is relatively smooth (no pebbles, powdery snow, choppy water, shag carpeting, etc.). The Air Blade is a sleekly designed vessel, with slick graphics and racing stripes?every bit the vehicle of tomorrow! 12V NiMH battery and charger are included.--Emilie Coulter
Product Description Features & Specifications Tyco? R/C, creators of the original hovercraft, bring you AirbladeTM, the next generation in R/C hovercrafts. AirbladeTM features not one but three air cushions. Hover over land, snow, ice, and water. AirbladeTM is watertight and fully amphibious. Tilt and rotate the rear air cushions by radio control to steer and propel AirbladeTM instantly, unlike previous hovercrafts. AirbladeTM vehicle's new high power rechargeable 12-volt NiMH battery system pushes runtime and performance to new levels. Tough construction and awesome styling make AirbladeTM rise above the rest. Requires 12V battery and charger and 1 9V battery for transmitter. Batteries included. Frequency 27Mhz READY-TO-RUN Conquers almost any surface: grass, sand, pavement, water and even snow can't stop the AirBlade It is water tight for aquatic driving Transmitter has been designed for easy maneuvering in all directions ALL BATTERIES INCLUDED (12v battery & charger & 9v battery

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