ThunderCats ThunderTank w/ Exclusive Snarf NEW

 ThunderCats ThunderTank w/ Exclusive Snarf NEW
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Product Description

Highlighted by flashing lights and sounds, the ThunderCats Deluxe ThunderTank Vehicle lets you roll into battle. This imposing toy tank is sure to please any ThunderCats fan with its array of glowing red lights, battle sounds, and thrilling dialogue. To extend the action beyond the tank, two racing pods launch from the vehicle at the push of a button. The tank also comes with an exclusive Snarf action figure equipped with ThunderLynx to activate the lights and sounds.

Bandai ThunderCats Deluxe ThunderTank
Roll into battle with the 2011 ThunderCats ThunderTank
Bandai ThunderCats Deluxe ThunderTank
Includes a 4" ThunderLynx figure.
Imposing Size with Battle-Ready Design

The Deluxe ThunderTank features a large, fearsome design that rolls on three small plastic wheels found on the underside of the tank. Four racing pods and two large articulating paws with retractable claws attach to the front of the vehicle, providing enhanced movement and play. The cockpit is designed to seat a single figure and is enclosed with a removable canopy that flips open. To carry additional figures and accessories, a rear compartment is hidden under a latch.

Features Flashing Lights, Battle Sounds, and Dialogue

To aid the ThunderCats in their ongoing battle against the evil Mumm-Ra, the Deluxe ThunderTank is equipped with formidable lights and sounds. A large trigger button atop the vehicle activates a pair of red lights that simulate menacing eyes. Accompanying battle sounds warn enemies and include iconic phrases like "ThunderCats, hooo!"

The ThunderTank's lights and sounds can also be operated by using the included Snarf action figure. Featuring an embedded magnet called the ThunderLynx, Snarf can be placed in the cockpit to activate the seat's ThunderLynx. When the two are in tandem, the ThunderTank roars to life with the sound of "ThunderTank activate!" Other ThunderCats characters featuring ThunderLynx can also be placed in the tank to unlock and activate special features (sold separately).

Racing Pods Launch at the Push of a Button

Two separate racing pods launch from the ThunderTank to help carry the fight to the enemy. Attached to opposite sides of the tank, the pods lock in place under retractable claws and fire away at the push of a button. Kids will enjoy the pods' travel distance (several feet) coupled with revving, racing, and skidding sounds.

The Deluxe ThunderTank's moving parts, like the articulating paws and the racing pods, are easy to dislodge from their joints so care must be taken during rough play. Also, the canopy does not firmly stay in place. Our testers found the tank rolls best on short carpeted floors. Nevertheless, kids will enjoy hours of fun with the Deluxe ThunderTank's impressive lights, sounds, and launching features.

About ThunderCats

The new ThunderCats animated series is a sweeping tale that combines swords, science, and boasts ferocious battles with the highest of stakes. The story of Lion-O's ascension to the throne and of those who would thwart his destiny at any cost takes on epic dimensions in this sharp new telling. Bandai America has launched the iconic ThunderCats toy line back into action with an all-new look. Crafted with great detail and quality, ThunderCats heroes and villains will be enjoyed by collectors and kids alike.

What's in the Box

ThunderCats Deluxe ThunderTank Vehicle, Snarf figure, and instructions.