Braun Thermoscan Pro 4000 Ear Thermometer, Aural Thermometer

 Braun Thermoscan Pro 4000 Ear Thermometer, Aural Thermometer
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Product Description

The new Braun ThermoScan PRO 4000 is the only electronic ear thermometer with a preheated probe and sensor for reliable temperature readings on patients of all ages. Featuring exclusive ExacTemp technology to ensure proper positioning and improved accuracy in three to seven seconds, the new PRO 4000 is one of the fastest thermometers ever developed. Lightweight, simple, fast, accurate, and affordable the new PRO 4000 is the perfect solution for any medical practice or hospital setting.3-Year limited warranty

  • Exclusive ExacTemp technology provides an active user feedback light, guiding proper probe positioning.
  • Preheated probe tip minimizes the cool down effect experienced when taking repeat temperatures, improving both accuracy and repeatability.
  • Probe cover detection system improves accuracy by ensuring precise infrared heat transfer
  • Automatic probe cover eject button makes for quick and easy removal of used probe covers.
  • Innovative security features reduce occurence of theft in hospital environment.


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