Portable UVC lipstick type Germicidal Travel Lamp

Portable UVC lipstick type Germicidal Travel Lamp
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Portable :Does not take up space for cosmetic bags. Light and convenient. The handheld design allows you to sterilize the area of ​​interest at any time. 🦠🦠 UV disinfection: UV is divided into 4 bands A / B / C / D. The band that has a bactericidal effect is the C band. 🦠🦠 Simple operation: Press and hold the tou-ch switch for 2 seconds to turn it on and short press it to turn it off. As you work, the indicator window turns green, and when power is reduced, the green light blinks three times and shuts down. 🦠🦠 Charging design: USB charging without battery, more environmentally friendly, easy to use, built-in 600mAh lithium battery, USB charging interface, full-time use can sterilize multiple times. Feature: Power: 6WLength: 9.8-14.1 X 3.75cm Material: plastic, electronic parts Sterilization method: UV Charging method: USB Battery capacity: 600mAh lithium battery Color: pink, green Note: 1. All pictures of bulbs are taken in real. Colors of photos may vary due to various factors. Please refer to the product you actually received. 2. Due to manual measurement, the size data may have an error of about 0.5 to 1 cm Package included: 1 X Protection stick