WowWee Robosapien Version 2 Humanoid Robot

WowWee Robosapien Version 2 Humanoid Robot
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Product Description

Movement Robosapien Version 2 is the next generation of Robosapien technology and personality from Wowwee. This new member of the robotic family comes with more advanced dynamic motion, interactive sensors, new program functions, speech capability, and a personality all his own. It's clear from the start that he enjoys bowling, dancing, and having conversations.
RobosapienV2 is able to walk forward in four different styles, or gaits. He normally uses his IR vision and touch sensors built into his feet and hands to avoid obstacles, but if put into bulldozer mode, he will walk forward or backward and try to push his way through anything.
Beyond controlling him manually with the included remote controller, RobosapienV2 can explore his environment independently in free roam mode. You can also direct his movements by using the remote's targeting feature--just point the beam to a spot on the floor and he will walk toward it.
RobosapienV2 has been designed with a full range of motion. He can turn his head just like humans. So, too, can he turn at the hips and can move them forward and back and from side to side. RobosapienV2 can move each arm independently, and his hands can grab, pick up, and throw light objects, such as the included bowling balls and pins. He even comes preprogrammed with a selection of dance moves.

Sensors RobosapienV2 is equipped with a powerful vision system that lets him track the movement of objects in his field of view by moving his head and body. He will react differently to things based on their distance from his sensors. He uses his onboard color camera to identify primary colors and skin tones. This helps him identify his bowling ball and pins, and bowling is his favorite game. His ability to detect skin tones helps him know when people are waving to him or when it's time to shake hands.
He also has hearing sensors that help him detect people in his proximity, tilt sensors that interrupt most functions to prevent damage should he fall, and grip sensors that tell him whether he's been successful in picking up an object.

RobosapienV2 can be programmed to move in many different ways. You simply enter moves into the program using controller commands, and RobosapienV2 will remember them in order. You can enter walking steps, arm and upper body movements, demos and animations, and even program subroutines. Once he's in guard mode, RobosapienV2 will execute the program if he hears a sharp noise or senses movement in front of him. The little guy faithfully remembers his program, even after being shut off, until he's reprogrammed or reset.

Robo Companions
RobosapienV2 can interact with other Wowwee robots, such as the Robopet and the Roboraptor. Just have the robots face each other and watch for surprising interactions.

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