PUR CR-5000 Two-Stage Water Pitcher with Flavor Cartridge

 PUR CR-5000 Two-Stage Water Pitcher with Flavor Cartridge
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More Physicians and Nutritionists are advocating greater intake of water. Some say it's best to drink at least 2-liters per day. Apart from cellular needs, it helps the flow of digestion which, in turn, helps promote nutrient disbursement and excretory regularity to help maintain balance. Unfortunately, not all drinking water is up to taste or purity standards due to ground water table issues or supply sources. That's where bottled water or filtered water are needed. The choice is up to you.If you're buying bottled water, chances are you're doing so because you prefer the taste and trust the quality of bottled over tap. You're also paying more and missing out on the simple convenience of just running the faucet for drinking water.The cost of water from a home filtration system is approximately 78% less per gallon than bottled. Over the long-term, the cost comparison between bottled and filtered can be quite significant. Once you own a home filtration system, your only expense lies in changing the disposable filter. Available at a lower cost than many bottled water sources, PUR home water filters and pitchers offer an easy, simpler way to get clean, better-tasting tap water from home.The Pur CR5000 continues the reliable tradition of water filtration pitchers with which Pur has become famous. Long-lasting, replaceable filters help remove most minerals and pollutants to deliver softer, better-tasting, and healthier drinking water.But the CR5000 adds space for yet another water device - a flavor enhancer. It adds a natural fruit flavor to the taste of the water - a sort of light essence to the taste - without adding sugar or calories. It's pure water with a little taste of flavor. When you get the CR5000, it comes with one Raspberry cartridge.Optional cartridges are available (in 2 packs) - FC500P (Peach); FC500R (Raspberry); FC500S (Strawberry). Either way, you've the choice. Choose flavored or unflavored by each cup. Cup for cup, the CR5000 can deliver clean, fres

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