Alexander KeyChain Watch

Alexander KeyChain Watch
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Product Description

Keep track of your keys and the time with our luxurious watch/key-chain.

There are many times when we're without a watch but wish we knew the time. That's where our Alexander watch key-chain organizer comes in handy. You'll never be without the time because you rarely go anywhere without your house or car keys. Many people go biking or jogging without a watch, because really, who wants to gunk up a perfectly good watch with sweat. Or damage it hiking, swimming or working on the car. Sometimes we simply forget our watches by accident when running out to do quick errands. With our high quality watch key-chain organizer you'll never be without the time because it goes wherever your keys go.

You'll also never have to fumble for the right key. It comes with 4 built in key-chains so you can keep your house, car, storage and office keys separate for easy access. Constructed of stainless steel, this lightweight, compact watch key-chain not only looks great, but can withstand the pounding that keys take when getting tossed around. So whether you're the athletic type or the forgetful type you'll always be able to find the right key and the time with the most practical key-chain you'll ever own.

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