5 In 1 Lantern

5 In 1 Lantern
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Product Description

Lightweight light. 5 in 1 Lantern sheds light on the subject, indoors or out, in a 2-lb. package. In the old days, reading by candlelight or by firelight was standard. Eyestrain must have been standard too. Technology has come a long way since then. The 5-in-1 Lantern is a giant leap in lighting for you and your family. The 5-in-1 includes a lantern, flashlight, warning flasher, compass and a storage compartment for smaller eentials like keys. Impact and weather resistant, this wonder of illumination can run up to 22 hours on 4 D-cell batteries, not included. Take one along on your next camping trip and keep one in the trunk for emergencies. 12.5"x6". 2 lbs. Blue. Product details Lantern flashlight warning flasher compass storage compartment impact and weather resistant can run up to 22 hours on 4 D-cell batteries not included 12.5"x6" 2 lbs. blue. Availability: Usually ships same business day.