Baby Alive Beautiful Now Baby - Blonde

 Baby Alive Beautiful Now Baby - Blonde
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With BABY ALIVE dolls, you can have fun pretending to care for your doll just like a real baby! This BEAUTIFUL NOW BABY doll has pretty hair for you to style! You can spritz her hair with the spray bottle, comb away tangles, give her a pretend haircut with toy scissors, and style her hair with her colorful barrettes!

For ages 3 years old and up. Snip, spray, style your way! There's so much to do with your BEAUTIFUL NOW BABY doll! Her hair looks so pretty when you style it for her! How will you style it today? Wet her pretty hair and then comb out the tangles. Use the pretend scissors to give her a "haircut" if she needs one! When her hair is all set, use the barrettes to style it however you want to! She'll be the most beautiful "baby" on the block with you in charge of her hairstyle! Doll comes with dress, comb, toy scissors, working spray bottle and 3 barrettes.

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