Belkin CoolSpot Cushion Laptop Cooling Pad

Belkin CoolSpot Cushion Laptop Cooling Pad
Item# B004CLYIZ6_H
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Product Description

Cool, Comfortable and USB powered. Designed to keep your laptop cool wherever you lounge; on the couch, in bed, on a chair. The built in fan actively cools your laptop and keeps heat away from your legs. The cushioned bottom surface ensures comfort on your lap. The patented wave design ensures cool air flow across your laptop’s hot spots so that your laptop stays cool, performs better and lasts longer. The fan is powered through a cable that plugs into your laptops USB port to eliminate messy cables.
  • Cushioned bottom surface for comfort on your lap
  • Built-In Fan for active cooling of your laptop
  • Patented wave design directs cool air across laptop hot spots for optimum cooling
  • Fan is powered via your laptop USB port
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Condition: Re-newed
  • Warranty : 90 days