BenQ MP721

BenQ MP721
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Product Description

DLP projector - 2500 ANSI lumens - XGA (1024 x 768) - 4:3

You can count on the MP721 to provide exquisite picture quality for your presentations, so they'll look their very best. For presentations of material where accurate color rendition is important, the MP721's sophisticated color matching technology offers a huge advantage. So when you want your audience to see precisely the same colors in your presentation that you saw when preparing it, the MP721 is the way to go. To fully bring out the colors and visual intricacies of your presentation slides, the MP721 gives you an ultra-high contrast ratio. Even on a slide where similar colors are used, text and other visual elements stand out clearly. For extra versatility, the MP721's provides a number of picture modes. These modes allow you to achieve excellent display quality whatever the application and wherever you go. The MP721 not only gives picture-perfect presentations, but it doesn't force you to jump through hoops to do it. In fact, it makes it positively easy. To help avoid annoying glitches during a presentation, the MP721 provides a control key lock. When activated, even accidentally hitting a button won't cause your presentation to crash and burn. So you can stay focused on your presentation, the MP721 uses discreet alerts to let you know when it has powered up or finished cooling. With no need to look for indicators on the projector, you're free to continue engaging your audience. Just wait for the ring tone and you can unplug or start the projectors. When you're counting on a presentation to clinch a deal or win over a new client, the last thing you need is a projector that you can't depend on. With the MP721, you can rest easy and concentrate on delivering the presentation. The MP721's efficient ventilation design effectively removes heat from internal components with the cooling fan spinning slower and thus more quietly. The MP721 ensures minimal distractions by the fan in its power-saving mode. The MP721 is designed to perform reliably even in adverse environments, such as high altitudes. Its special operating modes automatically adjust cooling fan speeds and other parameters to ensure optimal operation wherever you happen to be giving your presentation.

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