BMW M3 Nitro RC Car 2 Speed 4WD 1/10

BMW M3 Nitro RC Car 2 Speed 4WD 1/10
Item# H43_ZX-GAS-10_Lbt
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Product Description

This is a Nitro 1:10 Scaled 4WD 2 Speed Gas car. The Car comes ready to run with pre-installed servos and a 2ch radio. The car has a Solid Aluminum Chassis! The car is 100% assembled and ready to race right out of the box. The car is 90% part compatibility with other brands such as Traxxas, HPI and etc. You can change the body kit into Skyline, Mustang, Viper and more! You can upgrade/modify the engine. You can also add new tires, suspension and more! Comes with full feature sticker decals such as grill, windows, lights, fenders, and detailing.