Hasbro FURBY - White with Pink/Black Specks

Hasbro FURBY - White with Pink/Black Specks
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Product Description

• Furry little friend combines technology, emotional responses and movement for interactive fun

• Voice recognition function lets Furby understand and respond to you or another Furby

• Furby speaks both "Furbish" and English, tells stories and sings songs

• For ages 6 yrs. and up

Those fabulous furry little friends are back and better than ever, combining advanced technology, lifelike emotions and convincing movements for interactive fun. With a new voice recognition function, Furby understands what’s being said and can talk back to you or another Furby. Furby speaks both "Furbish" and English and can tell a story, tell a joke or sing you a song. Your furry pal responds to being fed, petted on the back or tickled on the belly.
  • Dimensions : 11 inches length x 10 inches width x 7 inches height