Plantarium Garden Lab

Plantarium Garden Lab
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Using a nutritive and non-toxic gel created by Globus International in collaboration with NASA scientists, Plantariums capture the miracle of a plant growing from its seed. The gel's transparency allows you to watch plants grow both above and below the surface. What's more: when the plant reaches the top of its Plantarium, it can be transplanted into the pots provided to further development. The new Plantarium Garden Lab includes seeds for three different plants basil, cucumber, and tomato and three plastic greenhouses (4.75 H x 1.75 W x 1 D) each with a different colored gel. With the Lab, kids three and up can create and observe experiments such as comparing the germination time of different seeds or the daily growth rate of a plant relative to hours of sunlight. Mini-pots and peat pucks are included for transplanting when the seedling outgrows the container. A complete guide is included ensuring that the Plantarium Garden Lab is not just fascinating fun, it's also educational.
Age 5+

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