200 Watt Power Inverter by Nocord

200 Watt Power Inverter by Nocord
Item# RO_WT-200
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Product Description

200 Watt Power Inverter by Nocord
Convert car battery 12 Volt DC power to 110 Volt household AC power using this Nocord super-efficient portable inverter with the highest surge capability in the industry.

Just plug it into your car power outlet or clip it directly to your 12 Volt battery to get the maximum power for emergency or outdoor use. This advanced microprocessor unit will take on even the most difficult load...color television, TV/VCR combo, computer, power tool, you name it!

Highest efficiency available translates into longer running time and extended battery life. 200 watt with 400 watt surge. Includes adapter and power clip accessories. One-year warranty