Item# HB_RPAG200
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Product Description

  • Treat yourself and your family to cleaner, healthier, better smelling air.......Guaranteed!
  • Introducing a noiseless ionic air purifier that cleans rooms up to 200 square feet and will capture irritants missed by conventional HEPA air purifiers.
  • The RPAG-2000 Negative Ion Air Purifier emits a steady flow of safe, negative ions that attach themselves to pollutants causing them to literally drop out of the air.
  • The negative ions this air purifier releases in just one-second is able to kill billions of disease causing bacteria, viruses, and dust mites!
  • The EPA (environmental protection agency) has found that exposure to microscopic airborne particles can lead to respiratory problems, allergy symptoms and overall poor health.
  • The RPAG-2000 Air Purifier will control bacteria, viruses, mold, pollen, smoke, dust mites, animal dander, food stench, exhaust fumes and other pollutants.
  • Also for use in your car, truck, RV or camper just plug the purifier into your cigarette lighter socket with its fused DC power cord and it will improve driver alertness
  • The RPAG-2000 Air Purifier is attractive, streamlined and fits elegantly into any environment
  • The Air Purifier barely uses electricity (just 5 watts per day), so it won t cost you a fortune to run.
  • The RPAG-2000 Air Purifier features quiet operation, no filters to replace, energy saving operating cycles, and it uses no chemicals.
  • This is truly one of the most amazing air purifiers on the market today and we are so confident of your satisfaction, we guarantee it!
  • Measures 12'W x 3-1/2'H x 7-3/4'D

  • Condition:Re-newed
  • Warranty : 90day