6 Qt. Theater Popcorn Maker Black

6 Qt. Theater Popcorn Maker Black
Item# S125_TPM-100BLK_Lbt
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Product Description

Nostalgia Electrics TPM-100BLK 6 Qt. Theater Popcorn Maker Black.   New from Nostalgia Electrics...This mini Theater Popcorn maker features as both a popcorn popper and popcorn bucket.  When your popcorn is finished popping, turn your unit upside down and you have a popcorn bucket full of fresh popcorn ready for hungry popcorn lovers to eat!   Simply add kernels, flip the switch and in about five minutes your popcorn is ready to serve.  Measuring tools are included.  Also works great for kettle corn or roasting nuts.

A measuring cap in the lid allows you to add the perfect amount of kernels, while the stirrer inside helps prevent popcorn from burning. Add oil, butter or salt to enhance the flavor