Specializing on Leading Edge Technologies and products affecting economies and make our society safe and healthy. We sell innovative gadgets including HARD-TO-FIND items.

Our contact information

By email:

By standard mail:
5300 N. Braeswood #277
Houston, TX.77096

By phone:
318-479-2699 (between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. M-F Central Time Zone)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where do you ship from?

50% of our products are shipped from Texas. About 50% will be shipped from affiliated dropshippers in all other states ...

2. Destination address different from credit card address:

Due to security issues, we prefer shipping to credit card addresses only. In a few exceptional cases, buyers should contact us to receive pre-approval for different-than-credit card destination. Especially if the value is high and fast shipment.

3. Do I pay sale tax?

Yes if you live in Texas. Non-Texan residents will not be taxed.

4. How soon can you ship?

Most toys and gifts can be shipped in 48 hours. PDAs might take a bit longer (4-7 days). Laptops 5-9 days. Special ordered items: 7-14 days.

4. How do I order a product from you?

If there is no ADD TO button on the Item page or if the availability says CONTACT US FOR AVAILABILITY, that means low inventory or out-of-stock. A 1-2 weeks availability means back-ordered. Please contact us to verify. Most items on main page (Special) are in stock and can be shipped right away.

6. Can I order via phone?


7. What kind of payment do you accept?

We take PAYPAL , Western Union, Bank wire Transfer. Due to our policy We do not take Discovery card and other MC Visa AX cards.

8. Any Warranty?

Our Warranty is min 90 days parts labor on most products. We stand behind our products. Opened box seasonal items may only be shipped to manufacturer for warranty support.

9. What about return policy?

Please read Warranty and Return Policy below.

10. Wrong Items or damages/loss during shipment?

All mishaps must be reported to us within 48 hours. Beyond that we will study case by case before issuing RMA#.

11. How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 1986. Our online store exists under Novatexas.com since 1995.

12. Do you take overseas orders?

Absolutely - payment must not be by credit cards.

13. Do you take reseller or dropshipping purchases?

Yes. With approval.

14. Do you take PO orders?

With approval only. We cannot and would not finance big corporates or governments. They need to pay to get services.

15. Do you take C.O.D.?

With approval only.

16. How do we get approval for PO or COD payment?

We need your brief business profile plus 3 bank references and 5 business references faxed over to our fax - allow 7-14 days for receiving feedback from these references.

17. Do you allow local pick up?

For handicapped customers and exceptional cases only.

18. Do you take very large orders or unreasonably overnight orders?

Due to internet security issues nowadays we are extremely cautious to take large orders or overnight orders of multiple expensive items. Large orders may require an officially signed credit card authorization form. An alternate address shipment might require Alt address Authorization Form.

19. What do you mean by Condition: Re-newed? Re-newed condition MEANS shipped new if available, if not available ship refurbished or improvised preowned with 90 day warranty.

20. Do you take Unverified PAYPAL payment? For less than $50 YES! Higher amounts NO unless buyer submits
Unverified Paypal Authorization

Warranty and Return Policy

Limited 1 year parts and labor warranty on new systems and 30 days on cpu's. Pull, used, or refurbished components/items are covered by 60 day warranty. Merchandise must be free of any physical damage in order to receive service or repair under warranty. In order to receive full refund, merchandise must be returned in orginal packages without misuse, abuse, defacing, with all manual, cables, cd and disks, and received by Nova within 21 days from the invoice date. Shipment damage(s) or misconfigurations, wrong parts, must be reported within 24 hours after delivery by phone 206-600-2939, fax 1-206-600-4293, email RMA request form A belated return request might require Late RMA request form please include invoice/order number and a brief description on the reason of returning . For all merchandise returned after 21 days from the invoice date, Nova reserves the right to repair or replace the merchandise and/or charge a restock fee for the returned merchandise.

No refund on all-sale-final, price depreciable, seasonal items

Due to fast depreciation Items such as CPUs, vintage and new designer handbags, costumes, discontinued and out-of-stock limited qty Items..etc...including special orders which carry 29% restock we regretably no longer honor the 21 day full refund on these items. Due to health concerns all used personal using items such as combs, brushes, costumes, underwear, bras, etc.. will not be returnable unless the boxes were sealed and not open. Sales on these items are final. We will honor replace/repair it if found defective or upgrade if found incompatible. The repair/replacement-upgrade-only warranty covers 1 full year from the day of purchase VOIDED if misuse, negligence or abuse*. In the event a refund must be made, we will refund the current market price, not the original price. Incomplete or late return is subject to restocking charge. Shipping and handling fee is NOT refundable. Merchandises paid by credit cards beyond 21 days trial are absolutely NOT back-chargeable.

If the product is found defective** you must contact us with your INVOICE NUMBER Via email RMA request please include invoice/order number and a brief description on the reason of returning or phone 206-600-2939 or fax 1-206-600-4293 to obtain a 2-week valid RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization) number before sending back***. Package without a valid RMA # will be refused. Please also include your invoice copy and a brief description of your problem and your request.

We will replace/repair and return the package to your requested address. Sorry no cross shipment is allowed. Shipping to Nova is customer's responsibility unless you pay for onsite warranty contract with us. Under a valid warranty we will pay ground shipping back only. Any request for faster return must be paid by user. Nova will not pay shipping for items that are NOT WARRANTY.

* Warranty is void if user(s) tampers with labels, defacing, physically altering, or obtaining unauthorized service to Nova products, CPU overclocking, misconnecting a storage drive, short-circuiting a power supply such as setting at 220V, misconnecting an I/O port such as pluging a serial RS232 cable into the USB port, non-protective packaging, return without shipment loss/damage insurance.

** If the product is not defective, and the damage(s) comes from abuse or misuse, or simply was mistakenly found defective due to your ignorance, we will bill you a small non-warranty service fee approximately $10-$40 including shipping back fee. *** Cancellation of a credit card order after 10:00pm Central S. Time on the very day you ordered is subject to credit card batch penalty (5%) and/or delay in refund. Restock fees, in addition to shipping handling cost, may apply for cancellation after shipment.

Please Note that Scratches, dents, adhesive marks and overall external appearance on refurbished products are deemed not to be defects in workmanship or materials and are not covered under the warranty

Per our policy, satisfactory return expires after 21 days , invalidated on unjustifiable returns with intention to burden us with unsellable items. All of our products are guaranteed to be authentic or your money back. For special orders, "all sales final" items, if you are unhappy to keep the merchandise we offer option as dropshipper return. Under this dropshipper return (you must submit the RMA form with reason for return: dropshipper return), your package must be kept in unused, new conditions. Your package could be kept at your place or returned to us at your expense. Under dropshipper return, we will credit you AFTER another buyer received your package satisfactorily (he or she is happy with the package). We will notify you to ship the package to the new buyer (if you keep at your place). Once the customer satisfactorily received, his/her payment less our overhead - not profit - will be credited to your account.