15 Watt Solar Panel

15 Watt Solar Panel
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1 Amp@15 Volts; for real battery charging (for T.V.s, laptops, stereos, CD players, etc.) with enough power to run a vehicle full of small appliances. You'll get solid battery charging power for a variety of small 12 volt appliance applications. This device will be your livesaver in times when your battery goes dead unexpectingly. Features 15 Watts rated power at 15 volts operating voltage, Constant solar charger for larger battery needs, Weatherproof, Polycarbonate frame. Includes one 15W solar panel, 10ft 16-gauge wire, 7 amp battery charge controller, built-in diode for reverse current protection, and battery clamps. 38"x13"x1" 1 year warranty!
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  • Warranty : 90 days