Audiovox SIRIUS Satellite Radio Antenna - Model SIR6

Audiovox SIRIUS Satellite Radio Antenna - Model SIR6
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Product Description

Outdoor Home Mount, SIRIUS Satellite Radio Antenna MODEL- SIR6 VENDOR- AUDIOVOX ELECTRONICS FEATURES- Terk SIR6 SIRIUS Outdoor Home Antenna Bring the SIRIUS experience home! With the Terk SIR6 antenna, you can maximize the strength of the signal going to your SIRIUS home receiver or SIRIUS Plug & Play components. The indoor antennas bundled with these components can't always do the job. Enjoy the programming you paid for in the comfort of your home! Terks amazingly compact all-weather antenna can be mounted on either exterior wall, roof or mast with the supplied universal mounting bracket and hardware. The SIR6 comes with a 30 foot cable, detachable for easy cable routing during installation and hookup. The SIR6 can be used with the Terk SIR-EXT50 50-foot indoor/outdoor extension cable for maximum flexibility in mounting. Important Note: To receive the satellite radio signal, you must also have a SIRIUS tuner and a subscription to SIRIUS.* Universal mounting bracket * Includes all necessary hardware * Includes 30 ft. RG-58 coaxial cable with SMA and SMB connectors."