Blue Hobnail Cast Iron Teapot 24oz #TB1-08B

Blue Hobnail Cast Iron Teapot 24oz #TB1-08B
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Product Description

The Cast Iron Teapot or Tetsubin was a way of showing off your status in Japan * This Cast Iron Teapot with Hobnail design symbolizes Strength in Japanese culture. * Pattern: Hobnail * Capacity: 24 fl.oz. * Color: Blue * Removable Stainless Steel Tea Strainer Included * Enamel Coated interior to prevent rusting * Serving your Tea: * Although in the olden days the tetsubin was heated above an open flame, Never heat your tetsubin over a stovetop exposed flame * Heat the water in a separate conventional stainless steel kettle and use your tetsubin for brewing and serving only. * Place tea in the stainless infuser * Adjust according to tea variety and preferred taste * Pour hot water into the teapot, cover and allow to brew for 3 to 5 minutes. * Remove infuser and tea leaves and serve * Tea Leaves maybe used again depending on the quality of the tea * Detail Care Instructions are enclosed with each teapot

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