Additional Cleaning Kit for TM 253 & TM 430

Additional Cleaning Kit for TM 253 & TM 430
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Product Description

The electronic Dr. Clean is so affordable it costs less than a new CD

This product earned an International Exclusive Patent, and now it is exclusively ours! It is Dr. Clean, a product so advanced it will preserve all your optical disks and save you from having to replace your favorites. For less than the cost of a new CD or VCD, you have a way to repair and preserve all your collections.

Never worry again about scratches or fingerprints on your favorite optical disks

The handsfree Dr. Clean works in seconds, removing fingerprints, dust and stains and repairing minor scratches on CDs, CD-Rs, VCDs, DVDs, DVD-Rs or any other optical disk in your collection. And Dr. Clean forms a protective layer on disks that protects them from future damage. With separate wet and dry cleaning functions and easy AC/DC power connections, the cleaning kit is the most innovative cleaner/repairer you can buy. When it comes to restoring health to your optical media, Dr. Clean is the specialist.

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