12-Pack COPPER 2-LED Hut Solar Lights (E98AC)

12-Pack COPPER 2-LED Hut Solar Lights (E98AC)
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Product Description

- AMORPHOUS solar panels charging unit in both sunny and cloudy condition
- 2 Super Bright LEDs With Brighter Light Output
- LED Life is more than 100,000 hrs
- Ground stake
- No Wiring
- Powered By The Sun. Up To 8 Hours (Depending On The Sun Light Charging Time )
- Rechargeable Ni-Cd AAA Battery Included
- Fast And Easy To Install
- Automatic Sensor Turns The Unit On At Dusk Off At Dawn
- Ideal For Areas Where Conventional Electrical Supply Is Not Available. GREEN ENERGY
- Install Anywhere
- Safe Water Resistance
- Solar COPPER Hut (E98) bright white LED light
- Assembled product: 13.5 inches/15.5 inches ground, 4.5''diameters for the lantern
- On and off switch (for storage purposes) - Switch must be on and charged 8 hours for initial use.
- Net weight: 7.5 lbs

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