Dorcas Dr.Oxygen Portable Generator

Dorcas Dr.Oxygen Portable Generator
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Product Description

Dorcas Dr.Oxygen Portable Generator
  • Brand new in the box Dr. Oxygen none medical oxygen generator with 30 re-fills by Dorcas.

    Dorcas is the world leader in water/powder mix oxygen generators. This new unit is as simple as it gets. Simply fill the 2 water chambers to the proper level with ordinary water, add a pouch of powder "A" and a pouch of powder "B" (30 of each supplied with the purchase), snap the lid shut and within seconds pure oxygen will bubble through the water of the filter chamber and through the hose to the mask for aprox. 10-15 minutes delivering aprox. 12 liter of oxygen.
  • After the first time you use this unit you will understand why oxygen is available on the sideline to professional athletes such as the NFL and NBA. Oxygen is a necessity of life and oxygen enriched bloodstream will energize and rejuvenate explaining too the popularity of "Oxygen Bars" sprouting up in every major city world wide.
  • This unit is very reliable with no moving parts or need for an external power source or batteries. It may be used indoors or out and will not be damaged buy foul weather. It is also ideal for fighting fatigue while driving or a quick pick-me-up on those lake nights at work or play.
  • Once you try oxygen therapy you'll be hooked on clean, fresh air!! 180095741821