Bell South FRS Two Way Radio W/FM Tuner

Bell South FRS Two Way Radio W/FM Tuner
Item# G22-EL1KH1061-H
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Product Description

For safety, for convenience, for a true sense of well being, it's smart to carry the 1061 two way communicator. With the 1061 you can stay connected in all sorts of places where it's easy to get separated.... from the mall to the mountains. The 1061 can keep you clearly in touch, at up to a two-mile range! Take it on picnics, hiking and camping trips and stay connected - even when one of you gets out-of-sight. Keep tabs on your kids...when they're outside playing, on outings, ski trips, cruises, and the beach - wherever you go. The handy belt clip makes the 1061 easy to carry. No need to carry a radio with you - the 1061 communicator has a built in FM Radio for added convenience. Now each of you can relax and enjoy your independence - because the 1061 Two-Way Communicator keeps you in touch! Runs on 4 AAA Alkaline Batteries or 4 AAA Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries (not included).