GUARDIAN ALERT 911,Emergency Medical Alert ,Wireless Speaker Phone

GUARDIAN ALERT 911,Emergency Medical Alert ,Wireless Speaker Phone
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Product Description

Whether it?s for you or a loved one concerned about being alone in a
medical emergency, the Guardian Alert 911 pendant allows the wearer to
talk directly to a 911 operator anywhere in or around the home.
BUT...and here is a major breakthrough in technology...there are no
monitoring fees, service charges or contracts ever. Simple to set up, easy to use, and as reliable as 911.

The Guardian Alert 911 is a set ? a base station that plugs into a phone
jack in the central part of the home and a small wireless speaker phone
that is worn by the user as a pendant or clipped to a belt. With a
press of the recessed blue button, the small wireless speaker phone
worn around the neck or clipped to a belt will automatically dial 911,
and the user can speak directly to a 911 operator. If the user is
unable to speak, Guardian Alert 911 can give the 911 operator location
by utilizing the caller ID function.

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