HP Rugged Tablet PC tr3000 PIII933MHz 256MB 40GB

HP Rugged Tablet PC tr3000 PIII933MHz 256MB 40GB
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Product Description

HP Rugged Tablet PC tr3000 PIII933MHz 256MB 40GB
** HP PIII 933MHz Rugged Tablet PC tr3000 **

The Rugged Tablet tr3000 is the toughest member of the HP Tablet Family. Meant to be used in the field it is able to survive 3-foot drops and withstand both rain and dust.

Though it is as solid as a lump of concrete it only weights 3.9 pound. With just 10.7 inches from stem to stern it is just the right size to hold in the crook of your arm. The stylus, on a springy elastic tether, slides into a slot on the back of the machine.

A pod of seven buttons runs up the right side of the screen, offering classic tablet functions such as enter, escape, control-alt-delete, and rotate; button combos access even more functions. Hidden behind the system are a reset button and a switch to turn the wireless card on and off.

Because it is meant for use in the field, the tr3000 has relatively few ports two audio jacks, two USB ports, a PC card slot, a CF slot, and modem and Ethernet jacks. All the ports are covered with water- and dust-resistant rubber flaps.

You can configure the tablet with your choice of wireless, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, CDMA, or GPRS, or a combination thereof.

Powered by an Intel Pentium III 933 MHz processor and 256 MB RAM. Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition is pre-installed on the shock mounted 40 GB hard drive. An 8.4-inch TFT SVGA Outdoor Transmissive Display with Digitizer Control Panel Touchscreen makes navigating the internet a snap! This light weight HP Rugged tablet PC tr3000 adapts to how you need to work! Order yours today!

General Features:
  • Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition pre-installed
  • Mobile Intel Pentium III 933 MHz Ultra Low Voltage processor
  • Die-cast magnesium for all structural components
  • 256 MB (PC-133) SDRAM
  • Shock mounted 40 GB (2.5") Ruggedized Hard Drive
  • 8.4" SVGA TFT Outdoor transmissive display with digitizer control panel touchscreen
  • 32 MB Integrated Intel graphics
  • PCI Audio with AC-97 compliance
  • High speed 56K fax/modem MDC module
  • 10/100 MB Ethernet LAN
  • 801.11b Wireless LAN
  • Digitizer Control Panel Touchscreen pointing device
  • Power: 6-cell 3600 mAH (40.0 WH) Lithium-Ion battery
  • Tablet PC Function Keys:
    • - Rotate
    • - Security
    • - Enter
    • - Line Down
    • - Fn (Function)
    • - Escape
    • - Line Up
  • Expansion Slots: One Type I or II PC card slot; One (1) Compact Flash slot
  • I/O Ports: RJ-45;RJ-11;2 USB;Headphone Mic;26-Pin Docking Connector
  • Dimensions: 10.6 x 7.2 x 1.65 inches (L x W x H, approximate)
  • Weight: 3.7 lb (approximate)
  • Plain Box Includes: HP TR3000 - Windows XP Tablet pre-installed - Stylus Pen- AC Adapter- Power Cord
  • Not included: Any thing not listed above.
  • Condition: Refurbished.
  • Warranty: 90 days