Radio Remote Controlled RC Dancing Robot w/ R/C Missile Disc Launcher

 Radio Remote Controlled RC Dancing Robot w/ R/C Missile Disc Launcher
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Product Description

Radio Remote Controlled RC Dancing Robot w/ R/C Missle Disc Launcher He is a IQ doctor. Perfect present for any one for any occasion! This remote controlled robot that stands over 30cm high, He won't eat your batteries like some other similar robots. It is made of the best material, and has been tested, pls set your heart at rest, it's safe. His eyes light up, and he can do many action to make you glad, arms swing. He has a top-loading chamber that stores 11 soft foam disks ready for shooting, and also he can talk to you, sing a song for you. Complete with infra-red remote control. Nothing is more important than to make your kids or your friends happy. For ages 3 and up. To operate it at its best, the controller should be aiming at the receiver on the robot's head. Push the ON-OFF swith to ON, then press the red start button on centre front of the robot. The robot will them demonstrate its various sonud functions. When demonstration is finished, the robot will remain on "stand by" for 3 minutes before switching off. During that times its eyes will flash and it is ready for action. Use the infra-red remote control to make this intelligent robot do something what you want, such as : 1. Turn his entire body left or right. 2. You can turn his head left and right. 3. He can walk. 4. He has a varied dance routine, accompanied by his very own robot-music. 5. Also slipping. 6. He can aim and fire soft and safe foam disks from his mouth, and also talks to you with warnings.