Erector Spykee Vox

 Erector Spykee Vox
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Product Description

The Spykee VOX Robot is the interactive robot that's controlled by voice recognition, responding to 38 different voice commands. He has feelings - when you talk to him, he reacts with various movements, facial expressions, sounds and lights - and has 2 personalities, good guy and bad guy. Spykee is compatible with iPod, which can be activated by using your voice. Let him play your favorite music in stereo, and watch him dance to the rhythm of the music! Spykee VOX Robot Features: Measures approx. 12"H x 12"W x 12"L 38 different voice commands 2 personalities Spykee Vox is compatible with Ipod Nano and Ipod touch only Attacks in various ways: fight enemy, destroy target and more Can be programmed to create your own scenarios Turns on your TV and changes the channels Includes universal infrared remote control Small card with vocal commands and activation instructions More than 200 parts and tools Building instructions Made in China

  • Spykee Vox has emotions, when you talk to him, he reacts with different movements, faces, sound and lighting effects
  • Spykee Vox is compatible with Ipod Nano and Ipod touch only
  • Spykee Vox is a Warrior. He attacks with different fighting and laser sounds
  • Spykee Vox is a programmable robot, you can create multiple custom scenarios and very easy to program
  • Spykee Vox is a universal IR Remote Control, when asked, Spykee Vox can turn on your TV and other devices
  • He has 2 personalities: Hero and Villain