PowerFingers Deep Tissue Home Percussion Massager

 PowerFingers Deep Tissue Home Percussion Massager
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PowerFingers Deep Tissue Home Percussion Massager. Invented by a Chiropractor, the PowerFingers Home massager is designed to give you powerful therapeutic relief of shoulder and back tension at home, without the assist of a professional therapist. Like Father like Son. PowerFingers Home works with the same powerful percussion action as the full size Doctors model - which has been used for over 35 years with Millions of Happy Patients! A lot of power in a little package! 2 anatomically designed massage heads alternately pivot up and down a full 1/4" (6.35 mm), adjustable from 20 to 40 times per second. PowerFingersHome does the work, not you. Just 'park' it on your shoulders, legs or back. No need to dig in, the weighted head provides all the necessary force - let gravity do the work.

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