Polaroid OneStep SX-70 White/Rainbow Camera

 Polaroid OneStep SX-70 White/Rainbow Camera
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Alongside the 'prosumer' range of folding SLRs, Polaroid released a large number of plastic bodied, non-folding consumer cameras that used the SX-70 integral film. There were several lines that varied in the type and amount of features they offered, but fall into three distinct categories differentiated by the method of focusing: * Fixed focus - Generally known (in the US) as OneStep models * Zone-focused - Generally known (in the US) as Pronto! models; e.g. Pronto RF * Sonar Autofocus - Labelled as both Pronto! and OneStep models, but usually with an AF or Sonar moniker. All these models use the SX-70 integral film, meaning the camera is powered by a battery built into the film pack. Many of these models were able to use certain accessories designed for the folding SLR line of SX-70 cameras, such as flashbars, electronic flashes and tripod mounts.

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