Space Lava 6pc and Foam Struction 400pc Kit

Space Lava 6pc and Foam Struction 400pc Kit
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Space Lava-6 PC Asst Colors YES, this is that HOT seller all the kids want! Space Lava is made of tiny micro-beads that stick to one another so it can easily be shaped. Kids can stick it to almost anything to create, shape and decorate wonderful playthings and fun gifts. It can be used over and over again! Non toxic. For ages 3 & up. Comes in assorted colors (Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow, and Orange). Kids everywhere LOVE Space Lava! Stretch it! Mold it! Bounce it! Squeeze it! Stick it!
Foam Struction 400pc Create jewelry rainbows airplanes and more! biodegradable, made in the usa! no glue, no mess!

Unlock your child’s imagination with FoamStruction, the new no glue, no mess craft-struction kit. Creating works of art has never been easier! Just dab the patented FoamStruction nuggets with a bit of water and press together. Create airplanes, rainbows, jewelry and more!

The possibilities are endless with your child’s imagination! And because the FoamStruction nuggets, sheets, strips, and shapes stick together like magic, your child has a work of art that lasts! A safety cutting knife and sponge for dampening are included.

Single-Ply flat sheets
double-Ply flat sheets
die cut confetti pieces
safety knife
colorful idea book
over 400 pieces total!

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