02K6513 IBM Thinkpad Battery

02K6513 IBM Thinkpad Battery
Item# LE_02K6513_L
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Product Description

  • IBM Thinkpad battery, models this battery pack will fit include the Thinkpad 390, Thinkpad 390E, Thinkpad 390X and Thinkpad 1700 Series.
  • Fits with compatible part numbers: 02K6513, 02K6535, 05K6610, B316, B-5618LI, LBCIB13, or 02K6520.
  • This will fit the following TYPE: 2024-XXX, 6578-XXX or 6848-XXX. "XXX" is a substitute for any numbers.
  • Battery Technology: Li-Ion, 11.1 Volts 5400 mAh.

  • Condition:Re-newed
  • Warranty : 90day